Sean Wright Vs Kozo Takeda

Sunday, July 6, 2008

There were some pretty good fights this past week and weekend. Its going to hold off reporting for a day or so… The fight scrounge up some footage. The big bout last week went down at Big Hearts 8 in Tokyo Japan.

Muay Thai & K-1 vet Kozo Takeda against Contender Asia Semi-finalist Sean Wright. Great fight footage of the fight… It should have been a leg kick throw down as it’s the favored technique of both these fighters. I haven’t been able to find any commentary on the fight, but it appears that it went the distance. Big up to Baggy of the K-1 Forums for providing these quality pics.

Clearly we have focused on these fights, Sean is looking ripped! We think he’s seriously picked up his training… Being on the Contender Asia has given these guys such a huge career boost. Sean went from relative obscurity to headlining a main event in a little under a year.

Sean Wright was lost in this fight. Every time we turn around it seems like one of the “Contenders” is fighting!